08/12/18 – Rebellion, Manchester – with Matilda’s Scoundrels, Pizzatramp, Wonk Unit, Bobby Funk, Revenge Of The All Stars, Nosebleed, Domestics, Sounds Of Swami, Casual Nausea, Rising Strike, Brassick, Faintest Idea, Roughneck Riot, The Kirkz

01/12/18 – Book Yer Ane Fest, Dundee – with Goodbye Blue Monday, Warshy, Forever Unclean, Mean Caesar and many more

30/11/18 – The Black Bull, Gateshead – with Leftovers, Zero Negative

24/11/18 – 100 Club, London – with Wonk Unit, Pizzatramp, The Restarts, Randy Savages

17/11/18 – Red Rum, Stafford – with Only Strangers, Dog, Nosebleed

10/11/18 – Pie Race Festival – with Nosebleed, Rash Decision and many, many more

27/10/18 – 1000Fryd, Aalborg, Denmark – with Stoj Snak and more

26/10/18 – Huset, Copenhagen, Denmark – with Forever Unclean and more

20/10/18 – The Smokehouse, Ipswich – with Tim Loud, Minor Discomfort Band, Casual Nausea, Domestics

13/10/18 – The Exchange, Bristol – with Martyrials, Ill Gotten Gains, Menstrual Cramps, Bobby Funk, Pizzatramp, Grand Collapse, Poisonous C*nt, Lesser Known Character

12/10/18 – The Yorkshire House, Lancaster – with Eastfield, Spam Javelin, This Is Not A Drill

29/09/18 – Wotsit Called Festival, The Palace, Hastings – with Inner Terrestrials, Faintest Idea, Haest, Werecats, Menstrual Cramps and many, many more

22/09/18 – Wagon And Horses, Birmingham – with Brassick, In Evil Hour, Angry Itch

15/09/18 – The Fulford Arms, York – with Coproach, Death Mace, Better Reality

09/09/18 – Museum Vaults, Sunderland – with Bleach, Zero Negative, FFL

01/09/18 – 1in12, Bradford – with Bobby Funk, The Mighty Bossmags, Mammoth Tank

26/08/18 – The Phoenix, High Wycombe – with The Meantime Collective, Bad Trips, The Freudian Session

12/08/18 – Boomtown Fair – with Roughneck Riot, 24 Hour Punks, Steve Ignorants Slice Of Life, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Faintest Idea, Limp Bizkit and many, many more

02/08/18 – Rebellion Festival, Blackpool – with Lawrence Arms, Aerial Salad, The Restarts and many, many more

28/07/18 – Wonkfest, Tufnel Park Dome – with Wonk Unit, Pizzatramp, Calva Louise, Vanilla Pod, Barbar Luck, Angry Itch, Grand Collapse, Bad Cop Bad Cop, Nosebleed, Areal Salad, The Raging Nathans, Traits, Blind Man Death Stare, Desperate Measures and more

21/07/18 – The Swan With Two Necks, Macclesfield – with The Kirkz, Davey Psychotronic

02/06/18 – The Birds Nest, Deptford, London – with Rotten Foxes, Skiv, On A Hiding To Nothing, Shackleford

26/05/18 – Strummercamp Festival – with Dog, The meantime Collective and more

19/05/18 – The Bank Top Tavern, Oldham – with Zapiain, Pizzatramp, Matilda’s Scoundrels, The Crash Mats, The Fucking Glorious

11/05/18 – FC United Of Manchester, Broadhurst Park, Manchester

02/05/18 – Rebellion, Manchester – with ZEKE, Pizzatramp and The Hip Priests

28/04/18 – Comrades Club, Conwy – with Emissaries of Syn, Ilk, Mothcob and many more

21/04/18 – Manchester Punk Festival -with Brassick, Svetlana’s, Culture Shock, Propaghandi, Bobby Funk and many, many more

14/04/18 – Westgarth, Middlesbrough – with Crash Mats, Alien 8, Aerial Salad and more

07/04/18 – Burgerhaus Glockenbachwerkstatt, Munich, Germany – with Christmas

06/04/18 – Mark, Salzburg, Austria – with Leberzerroze

05/04/18 – Stö, Leipzig, Germany

04/04/18 – Menschenzoo, Hamburg – with Mise En Scene

03/04/18 – Steini’s Pub, Schwerin, Germany – with Mise En Scene

01/04/18 – The Lady Luck, Canterbury – with Screech Bats, Skinny Milk and Skiv

31/03/18 – Dugstock, London – with Crazy Arm, Nosebleed, Almeida, Fair Do’s and many more

30/03/18 – Bad Apples, Leeds – with Plot 32 and Traits

22/03/18 – The Salty Dog, Northwich – with Peter And The Test Tube Babies

17/03/18 – The Old Town House, Warrington – with The Restarts

03/02/18 – The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich – with North City Lager System and Paper Champ

28/01/18 – The Moon, Cardiff – with Question The Mark and more

27/01/18 – The Sanctuary, Basingstoke – with Meantime Collective, Ill Gotten Gains, Dub Righters

13/01/18 – The Palace, Hastings – with Faintest Idea and Butane Regulators

31/12/17 – Gullivers, Manchester – with Stand Out Riot, Rights, Mighty Bossmags, Wadeye

23/12/17 – Redrum, Stafford – with Brassick

16/12/17 – The Fulford Arms, York – with Restarts, Rash Decision and many more

09/12/17 – The Underground, Plymouth – with Pizzatramp, Rash Decision, Bus Station Loonies, Citizen Fish and more

02/12/17 – the Smokehouse, Ipswich – with Project Mork and This Is Not A Drill

01/12/17 – Sound, Food and Drink, Liverpool – with Dead Neck, Riggots, Wadeye

20/11/17 – The Chelsea, Bristol – with Bobby Funk

19/11/17 – Back From The Dead Fest, T-Chances, London

15/10/17 – Wagon and Horses, Birmingham – with Brassick, Fair Do’s, Grand Collapse and more

14/10/17 – The Wheatsheaf, Banbury – with The Meantime Collective

30/09/17 – The Old Town House, Warrington – with Roughneck Riot and more

23/09/17 – On an actual boat in the actual sea, Falmouth – with Bobby Funk, Atterkop and Tinned Fruit

15/09/17 – The Black Bull, Gateshead

08/07/17 – The Borough, Sunderland – with Captain Hotknives and Prolefeed

25/06/17 – 0161 Festival – with Roughneck Riot, Tim Loud, Billy Liar and many more

27/05/17 – Strummercamp Festival – with Rising Strike, Rights and many more

12/05/17 – Nepotism Festival, Temple of Boom, Leeds – with Kringer and the Battlecats, Forever Unclean, Boycott The Baptist and more

22/04/17 – Manchester Punk Festival – Sound Control, Paint It Black, Strike Anywhere, The Toasters, Belvedere, The Filaments, Martha, AOS3, Chief, Clowns, Brutal Youth, Ducking Punches, Great Cynics, Faintest Idea, Honey Joy, Doe, Petrol Girls, Venturas, BrainDead, Money Left To Burn, The Domestics, Myelin, Grand Collapse, LineOut, The Murderburgers, Onsind, Maid of Ace, Mighty Midgets, Larrakia, Matilda’s Scoundrels, Throwing Stuff, Edward In Venice, Rash Decision, Nosebleed, Despite Everything, Negative Measures, Vitriolic Response, Iron Drugs, The Living Daylights, El Escapado, Pizzatramp, Fair Do’s, The Human Project, One Hidden Frame, Sweet Empire, Stoj Snak, Tim Loud, Grotbags, Tragical History Tour, Crywank, Thee Infidels, A Great Notion, Nervus, Billy Liar, Bobby Funk, The Deadites, Brightr, The Kirkz, Muskets, Dirty Twisters

15/04/17 – The Flatertheek, Naaldwijk, The Netherlands – Tim Loud

14/04/17 – Zaal De Wissel, Peer, Belgium – Tim Loud, Lab Rats, Wadeye, Seckstapes

12/04/17 – Stö, Leipzig, Germany – Tim Loud

11/04/17 – Rock Palaste, Schwerin, Germany – Tim Loud

09/04/17 – ADM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Tim Loud, Seas of Mirth

08/04/17 – JVC De Schuit, Katwijk, The Netherlands – Tim Loud, Black Volvo

07/04/17 – Mitre, Stourbridge – with Leech Bleeders + Erection Police

18/03/17 – TNSrecords Tour/Fishstock 2017 – The Exchange, Bristol – Wonk Unit, Faintest Idea, Roughneck Riot, Petrol Girls, Pokemon Liberation Army, Triple Sundae, The Autonomads, Public Order Act, Pembleton

17/03/17 – TNSrecords Tour – The Maze, Nottingham – Wonk Unit, Faintest Idea, Roughneck Riot

12/03/17 – TNSrecords Tour – Bannerman’s, Edinburgh – Wonk Unit, Faintest Idea, Roughneck Riot, Critikill, Shatterhand, Minority Rule

11/03/17 – TNSrecords Tour – Redd Suite, Dundee – Wonk Unit, Roughneck Riot, Maxwell’s Dead, The Eddies, The CundeeZ, The Purple Felts, The Mighty Bossmags, The Un-Romantics, Kashmir Crows, The Valens, Owen Bryce Music

10/03/17 – TNSrecords Tour – Think Tank, Newcastle – Wonk Unit, Faintest Idea, Roughneck Riot

05/03/17 – TNSrecords Tour – The Wheatsheaf, Banbury – Wonk Unit, Faintest Idea

04/03/17 – TNSrecords Tour – The Underground, Plymouth – Faintest Idea, CDS, Suck My Culture

03/03/17 – TNSrecords Tour – Cellar Bar, Stafford – Wonk Unit, Faintest Idea, Leech Bleeders

26/02/17 – TNSrecords Tour – The Brewhouse, Warrington – Wonk Unit, Roughneck Riot, Paper Wings, Dependencies, Traits

25/02/17 – TNSrecords Tour – Camden Underworld, London – Wonk Unit, Faintest Idea, Roughneck Riot

24/02/17 – TNSrecords Tour – The Portland Arms, Cambridge – Wonk Unit, Faintest Idea, Roughneck Riot

19/01/17 – Gullivers, Manchester – SNFU, Denim and Leather, AVAS

17/12/16 – Bank Top Tavern, Oldham – Junkyard dogs, Clayface, R.B.H, Incisions, The Crash Mats, The Atoms

16/12/16 – Santiago, Leeds – Me Me Me Now Now Now, Noesbleed, Tosserlad

09/12/16 – The Workers Club, Kings Lynn – The Minor Discomfort Band, Barney

03/12/16 – Book Yer Ane Fest, Buskers, Dundee – Book Yer Ane Fest: Oi Polloi, Murderburgers, Wonk Unit, Kaddish, Billy Liar, MuG, The Cut Ups, Pmx, Carson Wells, Eat Defeat, The Doublecross, The Kimberly Steaks, Chrissy Barnacle, The Barents Sea, Get It Together, Maxwells Dead, The Lemonaids, Joey Terrifying, Sink Alaska, Make War, Terrafraid, Joyce Delaney, Burnt Tapes, Brian Curran, Clearer The Sky, Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart, Boak, Broken Stories, The Sparrowhawk Orkestrel, Tragical History Tour, Paper Rifles, Stonethrower, Salem Street, The Take Home, Bed Of Wasps, Bratakus, Elk Gang, Cory Call, Old Guard, Hardcore Boys, Chris Snelgrove and more

02/12/16 – The Borough, Sunderland – Loudmouth, Bleach

26/11/16 – The Yorkshire House, Lancaster – with Autonomads, Sods Law

19/11/16 – Union Bar, Hastings – with Nosebleed, Butane Regulators

18/11/16 – Maguires, Liverpool – with Rising Strike, One Eyed God, Riggots, Qfolk

11/11/16 – Pie Race, Wharf Chambers, Leeds – with Bad breeding, Nosebleed, Cool Jerks, Abominable Soul, Riggots, The Murderburgers, Implants, The Hostiles, Matilda’s Scoundrels, No Ta, Speed Dinosaurs, Paper Rifles, Bobby Funk, X-Ray Cat, Tragical History Tour, The Crash Mats, Bono, Wonk Unit, Pizzatramp, Nova Twins, Chewed Up, Brainfreeze, The Deadites, Luddite Bastard, Coproach, Spoilers, Dog Hand String Band, Proto Idiot, Los Pecadores

05/11/16 – The Smokehouse, Ipswich – with Casual Nausea, Chewed up, 2 Sick Monkey’s

29/10/16 – Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge, Stamford – with Pizzatramp, Calva Louise, The Atoms

28/10/16 – T Chances, London – with Pot Pourri, Casual Nausea, Abandon Cause, Dead Set, ETC

27/10/16 – The Lady Luck, Canterbury – with Rotunda, The Half Wits

22/10/16 – The Sanctuary, Basingstoke – with SickOnes, The Domestics, Geezapunx

15/10/16 – The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich – with Nervewrecker

08/10/16 – The Underground, Plymouth – with Bobby Funk, Bad Credentials, Culture Shock

07/10/16 – The Lughole, Sheffield – with Coproach, Nosebleed

01/10/16 – The Napier, Blackburn – with Edgarville, Strange Bones, Middle Finger Salute

23/09/16 – The Chelsea, Bristol – with Ill Gotten Gains, Negative Measures, Layman’s Terms

10/09/16 – The Wheatsheaf, Banbury – with Tim Loud, Matilda’s Scoundrels

09/09/16 – The Rockhouse, Andover – with Geezapunx, 2 Sick Monkeys, Murderers Row, Bandits

04/09/16 – Birmingham Punx Picnic, Wagon and Horses, Birmingham – with Peter And The Test Tube Babies, Discord, Trioxid Cherry and many more

03/09/16 – Wotsit Called Fest, The Union Bar,  Hastings – with Faintest Idea, Nosebleed, Matilda’s Scoundrels, Barracks, No Ta, BONO!

28/08/16 – Maguires, Liverpool – with 2 Sick Monkey’s, Stuck In A Rut and more

27/08/16 – Conroy’s Basement, Dundee – with Maxwell’s Dead, False Hope, SchizoFrenik

26/08/16 – Bannermans, Edinburgh – with Shatterhand, Buzzbomb, Maxwell’s Dead and more

21/08/16 – Rock For Corbyn, The BrewHouse, Warrington – with Roughneck Riot, Tim Loud, Arms And Hearts and more

19/08/16 – AU 10 Year Birthday, Retro Bar, Manchester – with Roughneck Riot, Luvdump, Larrakia, Strange Bones

07/08/16 – Rebellion Festival, Winter Gardens, Blackpool – with Restarts, Sick On The Bus, Extreme Noise Terror, The Slackers, Shot! and many, many more

30/07/16 – Black Bull, Gateshead – with No Cross

29/07/16 – Westgarth, Middlesbrough – with No Cross, Fawn Spots

23/07/16 – Bleach, Brighton – with Faintest Idea, Harker and more

09/07/16 – BGB York, The Fulford Arms – with Wonk Unit, Luvdump, The Franceens, The Vexed and many more

02/07/16 – Wonk Fest, Tufnel Park Dome – with Wonk Unit, Roughneck Riot, The Franceens, Dead Class, Faintest Idea, Pizzatramp, Nova Twins, Nosebleed, Crash Mats, Two Peas From The Pod and many, many more.

21/05/16 – Bad Apples, Leeds – with Pizzatramp, NoTa, Tosserlad

23/04/16 – Zoo, Manchester Punk Festival – with Fair Do’s, Autonomads, Crazy Arm, Brassick, Paint It Black and many, many more

12/03/16 – The Castle Tavern, Sheerness – with Ted Dibiase and the Million Dollar Punk Band,The Half Wits

20/02/16 – Gullivers, Manchester – with The Restarts, Malignant Tumour, Tosserlad, Implants, Regret

30/01/16 – Temple of Boom, Leeds – with Faintest Idea, Rising Strike, Nosebleed, The Franceens, Tosserlad, Jake and the Jellyfish and many more

23/01/16 – Gullivers, Manchester – with Faintest Idea, Acid Drop, The Domestics, Bobby Funk, The Kirkz, Rising Strike, Vanilla Pod

31/12/15 – Gullivers, Manchester – with Almeida, Wadeye, The Franceens, Lab Rats, Tim Loud and more

19/12/15 – Underwerket, Copenhagen, Denmark – with Forever Unclean and more

18/12/15 – 1000Fryd, Aalborg, Denmark – with Mighty Midgets, Stoj Snak, No Fealty, Kollapse and more

05/12/15 – Zoe and Fran’s Wedding

21/11/15 – Phoenix Bar, High Wycombe – with Beat the Red Light, JB Conspiracy, Smokey Bastard, Rising Strike, Lead Shot Howard

14/11/15 – Pie Race Festival, Leeds – with Black Volvo, Matilda’s Scoundrels, Tosserlad, Riggots, The Kirkz, The Kimberly Steaks, 2 Sick Monkeys, The Domestics, Casual Nausea, The 4130s, Tim Loud, Billy Liar, Speed Dinosaurs, Nosebleed, Acid Drop and many more

31/10/15 – Gonzo, Ninove, Belgium – with Black Volvo

30/10/15 – Tydeeh, Mol, Belgium – with Counting Coins and many more

29/10/15 – Wagenplatz Karl Helga, Leipzig, Germany

28/10/15 – Rote Flora, Hamburg, Germany – with Black Sails, Nailed In

26/10/15 – HPC Cafe, The Hague, The Netherlands – with Black Volvo, The Hofstad Group

25/10/15 – Gehr De Nobel, Leide, The Netherlands – with Black Volvo, Real Life Version, Ants, Coral Springs

24/10/15 – Next door toThe Flatertheek, Naaldwjk – with ZDA and many more

23/10/15 – The Union Bar, Hastings – with Barracks, The Half Wits

17/10/15 – The Black Bull, Gateshead – with Angry Itch

16/10/15 – The Adelphi, Hull – with Nosebleed, Nothings Happening, Headless Hangmen

04/10/15 – The Yorkshire House, Lancaster – with Oi Polloi, The Lab Rats

03/10/15 – Warehouse 23 – with Oi Polloi, The Restarts, Tosserlad

19/09/15 – Alchemy Festival

12/09/15 – Reheasal Rooms, Bury St Edmunds – with Volunteers, Overload, Exorcysts

05/09/15 – The Wagon and Horses, Birmingham Punx Picnic – with Brassick, Sick on the Bus, Autopsy Boys and more

29/08/15 – FUK Redding, London – with Tosserlad, Luvdump and many more

22/08/15 – The Chelsea Inn, Bristol – with Shithouse, Foxpunch, 2 Sick Monkeys, Rail 27 and more

21/08/15 – Maguires, Liverpool – with Old Radio, Dead Blends

15/08/15 – The Ducie Bridge, Manchester – with the Stupids, Los Duenos del Ska, Dischord, Only Strangers and more

06/08/15 – Rebellion Festival, Blackpool – with Anti Flag, Sick of it All and many more

01/08/15 – Mono, Falmouth – with Bobby Funk, Actions and Consequence

31/07/15 – The Sanctuary, Basingstoke – with Zad, Geezerpunk, Foxpunch, Nickel9

30/07/15 – The Birdcage, Portsmouth – with Worthy Victims and UK:ID

25/07/15 – Wonkfest, London – with Wonk Unit, Slaves, Vanilla Pod, Beat the Red Light, Culture Shock, Roughneck Riot, Black Volvo, Tosserlad and many, many more

18/07/15 – Stuck In The Summertime Fest, Glasgow – with Murderburgers, Kimberly Steaks, Fur Coats, Zatopeks, Don Blake and more

17/07/15 – Buskers, Dundee – with Maxwells Dead, Murderburgers, Kimberly Steaks, Fur Coats,  Shit and more

06/06/15 – The Boars Head, Kidderminster – with Dirt Box Disco, 2 sick Monkeys

23/05/15 – Strummercamp Festival – with Faintest Idea, 2 sick Monkeys, roughneck Riot, Chewed Up, Casual Nausea, The Repossessed, Stand Out Riot, Matilda’s Scoundrels, Foxpunch, Shitgripper, 4130s, Eastfield, Rising Strike and many, many more

16/05/15 – The Union Bar, Hastings – with Acid Drop, the Domestics, Matilda’s Scoundrels, Free Beer

15/05/15 – The Hairy Dog, Derby – with Chelsea, Knock Off

02/05/15 – The Fulford Arms, York – with 2 Sick Monkeys, Casual Nausea, John Player Specials, Chewed Up, The Repossessed and many more

24/04/15 – The Yorkshire House, Lancaster – with Dirtbox Disco, Dischord and Paul Carter

18/04/15 – Manchester Punk Festival – Sound Control, Manchester – with The Filaments, Crazy Arm, The Restarts, just Panic, Stand Out Riot, Beat the Red Light, Acid Drop, Joe McMahon, Roughneck Riot, Wonk Unit, Vanilla Pod and many, many more

11/04/15 – The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich – with Sick on the Bus, Lagwagon 2, Nelson County Steppers

05/04/15 – Podstock, Norwich – with Snuff, Consumed, Vanilla Pod, Crazy Arm, Faintest Idea, Dead Neck, Ducking Punches and more

04/04/15 – The Lughole, Sheffield – with Chewed Up, Irrational Act and more

03/04/15 – Fruit, Hull – with Jim Sorrow, Tosserlad, System Paralysis

28/03/15 – The Silver Bullet, London – with Wonk Unit, Voodoo Binmen

21/03/15 – Fortescue, Plymouth – with Migraines, These Creeps, F.Emasculata, Bobby Funk, C.D.S., 51st State

20/03/15 – JT Soar, Nottingham – with Mixtape Saints, T-Shirt Weather

07/03/15 – Gullivers, Manchester – with Slug, Tosserlad, Rising Strike, Jenkem, Antiseptics, Manifest

06/03/15 – The Horeshoe, Wellingborough

21/02/15 – PJ McGinty’s, Ipswich – with The Domestics, Casual Nausea, Ziplock, Foxpunch, 4130s, The Hunx and The Burnt Tapes

07/02/15 – The Dog House, Warrington – with Jenkem, Fair Do’s, Dead Neck, Flat Back Four, Like I Care, Sammy Stephens and more

31/01/15 – The Garage, Swansea – with The Domestics, A Sudden Vengeance Waits, Groundnuts and Independents, Ed Ache, Boneless Ones, The Low Blows

30/01/15 – The Sanctuary, Basingstoke – with The Domestics, Shithouse, Foxpunch, The Lurg

19/12/14 – The Black Heart, Camden, London – with Bear Trade, Billy No Mates

13/12/14 – Punx Inna Jungle, Antwerp Mansion, Manchester – with Roughneck Riot, Atterkop, Wadeye, Bolshy, Jenkem, Darko, John Player Specials

15/11/14 – Pie Race Festval, Wharf Chambers, Leeds – with Beat the Red Light, Acid Drop, Tosserlad, Bootscraper, Faintest Idea, Roughneck Riot, Autopsy Boys, Speed Dinosaurs, Wonk Unit, Skank Agenda, Casual Nausea, Nose Bleed, Kleine Schweine, Boycott the Baptist, Uniforms, Old Coyote Club, Captain Hotknives and many, many more

01/11/14 – The Cornerhouse, Cambridge – with Ziplock, Dead City Radio, Slug

31/10/14 – The Union Bar, Hastings – with Free Beer, Matildas Scoundrel’s and Popes of Chilitown

30/10/14 – The Old Ale House, Salisbury – with Foxpunch, Splash

29/10/14 – Red Lion, Bristol – with Ash Victem, Rail 27 and more

28/10/14 – The Windmill, Brixton, London – with Fur Coats, Brigantes, Sally

27/10/14 – Face Bar, Reading – with Rail 27, Ill Gotten Gains

26/10/14 – PJ McGinty’s, Ipswich  – with Domestics, Casual Nausea, 5 String Drop Out Band

25/10/14 – The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich – TNS Norwich with JB Conspiracy, Beat the Red Light, Faintest Idea, Domestics, Officer Down

24/10/14 – The Fenton, Leeds – with Skank Agenda and more

11/10/14 – Bank Top Tavern, Oldham – with Buff, The Franceens, Crash Mats

20/09/14 – House of Blah, Blah, Middlesbrough – with The Repossessed and loads more

05/09/14 – Dirty Weekend Festival, Llanfylan, Wales – with The Restarts, Crazy Arm, Oi Polloi, Luddite Bastard, John Player Specials, Black Star Dub Collective, Fair Do-s, 2 Sick Monkeys, Boycott the Baptist and many, many more

30/08/14 – The Woolpack, York – with The Franceens, Tosserlad, Boycott the Baptist, The Vexed, Henry Raby and loads more

29/08/14 – Temple of Boom, Leeds – with Death Job, Tosserlad, Boycott the Baptist, Clean Shirts, The Reposessed

26/07/14 – Wonk Fest, The Grosvenor, London – with Wonk Unit, Hard Skin, The Murderburgers, The Kimberly Steaks, The Restarts, Waco, Maid Of Ace, The Reverands, Jackal and more

25/07/14 – The Maids Head, Kings Lynn – with Faintest Idea, Menshevik and The Wreck Up

24/07/14 – Antwerp Mansion, Manchester – with Morning Glory, Fair Do’s, The Crash mats

28/06/14 – Punx Picnic, Sheffield – with Irrational Act, Chewed Up, 2 Sick Monkeys, The Domestics, Drongos For Europe, Casual Nausea, The Filaments and more

15/06/14 – Bristol Punx Picnic, Stag & Hounds – with Officer Down, Roughneck Riot, Casual Nausea and many more

14/06/14 – Gullivers, Manchester – with The Restarts, Manifest, Chewed Up and Barbados Slim

07/06/14 – The Snooty Fox, Wakefield – with Lowlife

24/05/14 – Strummercamp Festival – with Dreadzone, Wonk Unit, Tosserlad, Mr Shiraz, Speed Dinosaurs, The Crash Mats, Vanilla Pod, The Liabilities and many more

14/05/14 – Friars Court, Warrington – with Roughneck Riot, Anti Pasti, Bolshy

03/05/14 – 0161 Festival, Moston – with the Opressed, The Domestics, Shithouse, The Blissetts and many more

26/04/14 – Pre-Roadkill Party – Zomergen, Belgium  – with Hammerlock, Speedozer

25/04/14 – El Diablo, Lille, France – with Speedozer

24/04/14 – Carpe Diem, Hasselt, Belgium – with Speedozer

23/04/14 – Pooca Bar, Hamburg, Germany – with Nasty Jeans

22/04/14 – Wild Rover, Aachen, Germany – with The Absorbers

21/04/14 – Musicon, The Hague, The Netherlands – withDrunktank

20/04/14 – Sub071, Leiden, The Netherlands – with The Peterlees, Slab

19/04/14 – Huize Spoorloos, Emmen, The Netherlands – with We are the Doctors, De FegenParij

17/04/14 – The Black Bull, Gateshead – with SNFU, Ultra Bide

12/04/14 – Sound Control, Manchester – with River Jumpers, Sounds of Swami, Bootscraper, Random Hand, Faintest Idea, Beat The Red Light, Autonomads, 3DBS Down

05/04/14 – The Social Center, Liverpool – with Riggots, Acid Drop, Red Eye Jedi

04/04/14 – The Yorkshire House, Lancaster – with Eastfield, Addictive Philosophy

29/03/14 – The Parish Huddersfield – with Monkey Fist, Fist

07/03/14 – Temple Of Boom, Leeds

01/03/14 – 1in12 Bradford – with The Krayons, Petrol Bastard and many more

18/01/14 – The Go Go Club, Oldham – with 2 Sick Monkeys, Manifest, Fair Do’s

14/12/13 – TNSLeeds, Santiago’s – with China Shop Bull, Sounds of Swami, Faintest Idea, Roughneck Riot, Bootscraper, Speed Dinosaurs, Acid Drop, Tosserlad and more

13/12/13 – The Black Bull, Gateshead – with Logoz

06/12/13 – The Boulevard, Wigan – with The Fear

27/11/13 – Fulford Arms, York

26/11/13 – Retro Bar, Manchester – with Murderburgers, Don Blake, Jim Sorrow

24/11/13 – New Cross Inn, London – with The Domestics and more

23/11/13 – Scorpio’s, High Wycombe – with Officer Down, Tosserlad

22/11/13 – Roumours, Grantham – with Tosserlad

26/10/13 – Wahlbar, Fallowfield – with Blatoidea, Hated Til Proven,  Negative Standards, Eye Licker, Black Light Mutants

19/10/13 – The Red Shed, Wakefield – with The Crayons

07/10/13 – Wahlbar, Fallowfield – with ИO///sé, Holiday

06/10/13 – The Red House, Sheffield – with Lowlife, Climax, Brainfreeze

05/10/13 – The Kazimier, Liverpool – with The Restarts, Biteback, Hated Til Proven

28/09/13 – The Bobbin, Lancaster – with Lowlife, Crackshot and more

12/09/13 – Gibsons, York with Clean Shirts, Mega Turtle Death Squad

08/09/13 – Gullivers, Manchester – with Mad Sin

24/08/13 – FUK Reddin, London – with Beat The Red Light, Malignant Tumour, The Restarts, Inner Terrestrials, Luvdump, Swinelord and many, many more

11/08/13 – Rebellion Festival, Blackpool

05/08/13 – Carpe Diem, Hasselt, Belgium – with Speedozer

04/08/13 – La Datscha, Potsdam, Germany

03/08/13 – Pilon, Poland – with Dead Ameoba

02/08/13 – The Cockney Pub, Gdansk, Poland

01/08/13 – Dunckerclub, Berlin, Germany

31/07/13 – Gaussplatz, Hamburg, Germany – with Wollepolle, Odd Minority, Loser Youth, Yard Bomb

30/07/13 – Sub071, Leiden, The Netherlands – with Black Volvo

29/07/13 – Cafe De Vinger, The Hague, The Netherlands – with Black Volvo, The Peterlees

28/07/13 – The Cave, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – with Black Volvo, Maximum RNR, The Peterlees, Asbo Peepshow

27/07/13 – De Flatertheek, Naaldwijk, The Netherlands – with Black Volvo, The Hofstad Group

20/07/13 – The Swan, Macclesfield – with The Kirkz, Acid Drop, Mr Shirz

06/07/13 – Spannered Festival – with The Kirkz, Wonk Unit, Bad Transmission, Faintest Idea, Roughneck Riot, Beat The Red Light, Tosserlad, Stoj Snak, Wadeye, Almeida, The Liabilities, 2 Sick Monkeys, Fair Do’s, Hated Til proven

15/06/13 – Maguires, Liverpool – with The Domestics, Just Add Monsters, Stuck In A Rut

08/06/13 – The Tubman, Hastings – with Free Beer

07/06/13 – Waggon and Horses, Birmingham – with Waste Of Organs

06/06/13 – Maida Vale, London – Radio 1 Live Session

25/05/13 – Strummercamp Festival – with The Undertones, Beat The Red Light, Almeida, Tosserlad, Foxpunch, The Domestics, Wonk Unit, Sounds Of Swami, Roughneck Riot, Epic Problem, Berretta Suicide

22/05/13 – Sound Control, Manchester – with NoMeansNo, 2 Sick Monkeys

11/05/13 – Friers Court, Warrington – with Authority Zero, Roughneck Riot, Hated Til Proven, Rasta 4 Eyes, Beng Beng Coctail, Attokops

05/05/13 – Dagobar, Crewe – with Faintest Idea, Almeida, The Junk, The Liabilities, Bootscraper, Tosserlad, Gunpowder Plot, Bob Hoskins Experience, Tim Loud, SmackJoint

04/05/13 – The Star and Garter, Manchester – with Smoke Or Fire, Astpai, Above Them

06/04/13 – The Sitwell Tavern, Derby – with Luddite Bastard, Acid Drop, Piss On Authority, Fear Insight, Kerbface

23/03/13 – TNS all-dayer, Kraak Gallery – with Beat The Red Light, The Fractions, Sounds Of Swami, Down And Outs, Acid Drop, Rising Strike, Chairmen Of The Bored, The Vexed, Gunpowder Plot, Tim Loud

16/03/13 – The Garage, Swansea – with FUK, A Sudden Vengeance Waits, Disfortune

09/03/13 – The Yorkshire House, Lancaster – with Scene of Irony, Eastfield, Andy T

24/02/13 – West Street Live, Sheffield – with Droves, Irrational Act, Fierce Morgan

10/02/13 – The Royal Oak, Ipswich – with Ed Ache, Science Made Us Robots, Chestburster, Overload

09/02/13 – The Stanley, Norwich – with Chairmen of the Bored, Hotwired, Under The Radar

08/02/13 – Santiagos, Leeds – with Sounds of Swami, Speed Dinosaurs, Eat Defeat, The Hit Ups

26/01/13 – Salt Town Massacre, Northwich – with Ste FB4, Geoffrey Oicott, Senseless, Redneck Zombies, Bison, Helsinki 7 and more

12/01/13 – Kraak Gallery, Manchester – with Stand Out Riot, Wonk Unit, Bootscraper, War Party, The Crash Mats

10/01/13 – Basement Bar, York – with The Vexed, The Franceens, The Red Pills

14/12/12 – Mello Mello, Liverpool – with Gunpowder Plot, Super Fast Girlie Show and Vamos

27/11/12 – Wahlbar, Fallowfield – with Noise Complaint, Hated Til Proven and Wadeye

24/11/12 – Pie Race Festival, Leeds – with Roughneck Riot, Captain Hotknives, Faintest Idea, Acid Drop, Kleine Schweine, Benson, Drones, The Kirkz, Robin Lietch, Tim Loud, Speed Dinosaurs, The Franceens, The Vexed and many more

17/11/12 – Joplins, Chesterfield – with Black Volvo, Chairmen Of The Bored and Fierce Morgan

10/11/12 – Royal Oak, Ipswich – with Faintest Idea, Stars Burn Stripes, The Domestics

09/11/12 – Old Hunstanton Social Club, Hunstanton – with Faintest Idea, Stars Burn Stripes, Captain Black No Stars

20/10/12 – Scorpios, High Wycombe – with Rising Strike

19/10/12 – Gullivers, Manchester – with The Dead Class, Luddite Bastard, The Kirkz, Sun Dials

15/09/12 – TNSLondon, The Grosvenor, London – with Faintest Idea, Stand Out Riot, Hated Til Proven, The Kirkz, Bad Habit, Drones, Science Made Us Robots, Only Strangers

08/09/12 – The Dirty Weekend, Wrexham – with Neville Staple, Knuckledust, SSS, Hated Til Proven, Black Star Dub Collective, Autonomads, Hated Til Proven, Epic Problem, Ed Ache, Moral Dilemma, Paul Carter and much, much more

01/09/12 – The Sitwell Tavern, Derby – with Acid Drop, Luddite Bastard, Rag N Bone

25/08/12 – The Pilgrim, Liverpool – with Faintest Idea, Hated Til proven, Biteback, The Vermin Suicides, Droves, In Evil Hour – 300th gig

29/07/12 – The Old Angel, Nottingham – with Choking Victim, Chewing On Tinfoil, Luddite Bastard, Chairmen of the Bored and many more

19/07/12 – Star and garter, Manchester – with Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Total Bloody Chaos and 3CR

01/07/12 – Spannered Festival – with Faintest Idea, Rasta4Eyes, Inner Terrestrials, 2 Sick Monkeys, Luvdump and many, many more

30/06/12 – Beatherder Festival, Rivell Valley – with Utah Saints, Bootscraper, Goldie, Black Lace and many, many more

09/06/12 – Carnells, London – Squat Olympics – with Headjam, Eastfield, Jakal and more

07/06/12 – Erics Live, Liverpool – with UK Subs, Punchdrunx, Biteback

02/06/12 – Strummercamp Festival – with Jim Jones Revue, Beat The Red Light, Bootscraper, Dub Pistols, Broken Aris, Hated Til Proven, Rising Strike, Sense of Urgency, Pettybone, Faintest Idea, The Kirkz, Dangerous Aces, Vox Dolomites, China Shop Bull, (Pop)ulation, From The Cradle To The Rave, The Junk, X Ray Cat Trio, Murderburgers, Epic Problem, Acid Drop and many, many more

26/05/12 – Punx Inna Jungle, Antwerp Mansion, Manchester – with Faintest Idea, Sonic Boom 6, Hated Til Proven, Elmo and the Styx, Old Radio and more.

19/05/12 – Rock Cafeen, Aalborg, Denmark – with Nitty Gritty, Stoj Snak and 3/5 Mighty Midgets

18/05/12 – Underwerket, Copenhagen, Denmark – with Commie Cowboys and No Fealty

07/04/12 – Flaterheek, Naldjwijk, The Netherlands – with Disturbance and ZDA

06/04/12 – Gaussplatz, Hamburg, Germany

05/04/12 – Wageni, Bochum, Germany – with Prugel

04/04/12 – The Wild Rover, Aachen, Germany – with The Bloodstrings

03/04/12 – Cafe Lokaal, Heemskerk, The Netherlands – with Bangers, Sam Russo

02/04/12 – Carpe Diem, Hasselt, Belgium – with Backbones

01/04/12 – ADM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

24/03/12 – The Star and Garter, Manchester – with The Queers and The Dead Class

09/03/12 – OK Cafe, Manchester (Manchester Social Centre Fundraiser) – with Black Star Dub Collective, The Autonomads and Johnny Turpentine

03/03/12 – TNS all-dayer at Kraak Gallery – with Beat The Red Light, Stand Out Riot, Faintest Idea, Hated Til Proven, Black Star Dub Collective, Sense Of Urgency, The Kirkz, Sounds Of Swami, Rising Strike, Bootscraper

25/02/12 – Hempen Jig at The Dry Dock, Leeds – with Speed Dinosaurs, (Pop)ulation and many more

18/02/12 – The Roadhouse, Manchester – with The Medicine Bow, Big Boy Bloater

28/01/12 – Stereo, York – with Skyrocket Jack, The Vexed, King Crows

14/01/12 – Gullivers, Manchester – with Cheapskates and Run Out the Guns

31/12/11 – Club Wired, Warrington – with Faintest Idea and Roughneck Riot

10/12/11 – The Wenns, Kings Lynn, TNSmas party – with Beat the Red Light, Stand Out Riot, Faintest Idea, The Kirkz

26/11/11 – O Sale Rooms, Warrington – with Hated Til Proven

19/11/11 – Basement 20, Liverpool – with Almeida, The Liabilities, Rising Strike, Hated Til Proven, Faintest Idea

05/11/11 – Pie Race Festival, Leeds – with Acid Drop, Stand Out Riot, Hated Til Proven, Louise Distras, The Human Project, Joe Tilston, Eat Defeat, Speed Dinosaurs, Murderburgers, Billy Liar, Henry Raby and more

30/10/11 – Base, Manchester – with Garden Gang, Eastfield, Black Star Dub Collective, Dangerous Aces and The Kirkz

29/10/11 – Bang Bar, Basingstoke – with Ducking Punches, Bad Ideas and more

28/10/11 – The Lockup, Crewe – with Signs of Misfortune

22/09/11 – The Dry Dock, Leeds – with Bootscraper and Roughneck Riot

17/09/11 – CYCM, FC Utd pre-match gig – with Rising Strike and Thomas Fildes

11/09/11 – The Old Bell, Derby – with Rotunda, Luddite Bastard, Addictive Philosophy

03/09/11 – Scottfest, Manchester – with Rising Strike, Acid Drop, John Player Specials and more

19/08/11 – Punk 4 The Homeless Fest – with 49 other bands

23/07/11 – Flaterheek, Naldwijk, The Netherlands – with Suicide Bombs

22/07/11 – De Jukte, Geluwe, Belgium – with The Ignored

21/07/11 – Bahia De Cochinos, Castrop-Rauxel, Germany – with Prugel

20/07/11 – Substanz, Osnabruck, Germany

19/07/11 – Subway to Peter, Chemnitz, Germany

18/07/11 – De Onderbroek, Nijmegen, The Netherlands – with Lost Union

17/07/11 – Cafe Aloys, Eindhoven, The Netherlands – with The Sold Outs

16/07/11 – Huize Spoolooze, Emmen, The Netherlands – with Ricky Rehab and the Mugshot Mullets

15/07/11 – Lifestyles Festival, Hunstanton – with Faintest Idea, Officer Gotcha and Ed Ache

10/07/11 – Retro Bar, Manchester – with Bootscraper, Hated Til Proven, Jim Sorrow, Roughneck Riot

08/07/11 – Barcelona Bar, Liverpool – with Roughneck Riot and Hated Til Proven

17/06/11 – The Maze, Nottingham – with Arse Full of Chips, Luddite Basterd, The Rutherfords

10/06/11 – Santiago, Leeds – with Bootscraper, X Ray Cat Trio, Sounds of Swami, Zapiain, Louise Distras

28/05/11 – Strummercamp Festival, Cheadle Hulme – with The Selecter, Geno Washington, Bootscraper, China Shop Bull, Acid Drop, Rasta 4 Eyes, Jim Sorrow, X Ray Cat Trio, Zapiain, Down and Outs, Stand Out Riot, Barnyard Masturbator, Sounds of Swami, Chief, Penis Goes Where, Dead Subverts, Black Star Dub Collective Ed Ache, faintest Idea, Roughneck Riot, Andrew Cream, Liam O’Kane and many, many, many more.

09/04/11 – The Alma, Bolton – withe The Kirkz, Rising Strike, Barnyard Masturbator, Fair Do’s

23/03/11 – The Old Wharf, Birmingham

12/03/11 – Gullivers, Manchester – with Beat the Red Light, Stand Out Riot, Faintest Idea, Bootscraper, The Kirkz,     Leagues Apart, Sense of Urgency, Egos at the Door

04/03/11 – The Roadhouse, Northwich – with Helsinki 7

24/02/11 – The Grapes, Stafford – with Dog

05/02/11 – Bar Red, Kings Lynn – with Rebelation, Officer Gotcha and Captain Black No Stars

04/02/11 – The Old Wharf, Birmingham – with The Smears, The Voodoo Kings

16/01/11 – Gullivers, Manchester – Cuts Awareness Event – with Stand Out Riot, Rising Strike, The Hostiles, Penis Goes Where?, Stick it Out

15/01/11 – The Marine, Colwyn Bay – with Stand Out Riot, The Hostiles, Stick it Out

08/01/11 – CYCM (FC Utd pre-match gig) Gigg Lane, Bury

15/12/10 – The Dry Dock, Leeds

19/11/10 – Kro Bar, Manchester – with Penis Goes Where?, the Dangerous Aces

10/11/10 – the Star and Garter, Manchester – with the Peacocks, the Ruined, Mr Shiraz

30/10/10 – the Wenns, Kings Lynn with Johhny One Lung, Ed Ache and the Dead Class

23/10/10 – Josephs Well, Leeds, Pie Race festival with China Shop Bull, X Ray Cat Trio, the Kirkz, Acid Drop, Al Baker and many more

16/10/10 – Retro Bar – with Dangerfields, the Kirkz

05/09/10 – Retro Bar, Manchester – with China Shop Bull, Loudmouth, Rising Strike, Sense of Urgency

04/09/10 – the Old Cock, Halifax – with China Shop Bull, Captain Hotknives, Loudmouth

03/09/10 – the Parish, Huddersfield – with China Shop Bull, Captain Hotknives, Loudmouth

24/08/10 – Manchester Academy 2 – with BAD RELIGION

21/08/10 – the Dry Dock, Leeds – with Sense of Urgency, China Shop Bull, X Ray Cat Trio, the SSSSS, Bootscraper, Beat the Red Light and more

25/07/10 – Bang Bar, Basingstoke

24/07/10 – the Grosvenor, London – with Sammy’s Fatal Mistake, the Sterilisers

23/07/10 – the Junction, Bristol – with Faintest Idea

22/07/10  – the Nags Head, High Wycombe – with True Beat, the Popes of Chilitown

21/07/10 – Santiago, Leeds – with Sense of Urgency, Gay Bum

10/07/10 – Kro Bar, Manchester – with the Dauntless Elite, James Hull, Caves

02/07/10 – The Swan, Macclesfield – with: The Kirkz

29/05/10 – Strummercamp festival – with: the Blockheads, Spear of Destiny, Pama International, the Grit, the Hostiles, TV Smith, Drunken Balordi, Sense of Urgency, Faintest Idea, Bootscraper, Catch it Kebabs, Beat the Red Light, Cartoon Violence, the Stupids, Rising Strike, A WarAgainstSound, Sounds of Swami, Roughneck Riot, the Hip Priests, Moral Dilemma, the Dangerfields, the Skints

21/05/10 – Speakers Corner, Colwyn Bay – with – Stick it Out, Addictive Philosophy, No Name, Rising Strike

25/04/10 – The Alma, Bolton – with The Emos, Fair Do’s, the Minions, Scumface

10/04/10 – the Wagon and Horses, Birmingham – with No More Numbers, Contingency Plan

09/04/10 – The Wenns, Kings Lynn – with ICH, the Liabilities, Torn Apart

01/04/10 – Retro Bar, Manchester – with the Dangerfields, the Kirkz, Leagues Apart, the Dangerous Aces and Sounds of swami

20/03/10 – Rock n’ Roll Hellkat, Manchester – with the Hyperjax, Vince and the One Potts

14/03/10 – The Alma, Bolton – with Zapaian, Real Life Version

06/03/10 – The Rigger, Stoke – with Joey Terrifying, Rising Strike, Sense of Urgency, the Emos, the Slashers

20/02/10 – Turbojugend Bash – Retro Bar – with the Hip Priests, the Sick Livers

01/02/10 – Star and Garter, Manchester – with Static Thought, Girlfixer

16/01/10 – Retro Bar, Manchester – with the Stupids, the Emos, Tool of the Regime, Penis Goes Where?

15/12/09 – Grand Central, Manchester – with the Daywalkers, Bisonhammer, the Dangerous Aces

12/12/09 – Punk Rock Karaoke – at Retro Bar – with the Shadowcops, Stand Out Riot, Kickback UK

22/11/09 – Elbow Room, Leeds – with Rasta4Eyes and Fair Do’s

14/11/09 – The York, Bolton – with Mise*En*Scene, Rasta4Eyes and Mardigras Bombers

31/10/09 – 1in12 Club, Bradford – with Bootscraper

24/10/09 – The Waggon and Horses, Birmingham – with On Fire

17/10/09 – The Clubhouse, Stockport – with Tool of the Regime

26/09/09 – The Oxford, Manchester – TNS vol. 2 Launch gig – with Harijan, the Dead Reckoning, the Shadowcops, the Emos, Sense of Urgency, Sounds of Swami, the Kirkz, SmackRats, John Player Specials

25/09/09 – The Madocs – Colwyn Bay – with Beat the Red Light, the Distrakted, Raised by Drunks and Faintest Idea 200th GIG

12/09/09 – The Rigger, Newcastle Under Lyme – with Rising Strike, the Kirkz, Sense of Urgency

29/08/09 – IGNITION festival – with Los Salvadores, Sense of Urgency, Barnyard Masturbater, Rasta4Eyes

16/08/09 – Burgh Bar, Dumbarton, Scotland – with the Hostiles

15/08/09 – The Arena, Kilmarnock, Scotland – with the Hostiles

14/08/09 – Harleys, Ayr, Scotland – with the Hostiles

13/08/09 – Speakers Corner, Colwyn Bay, Wales- with the Kirkz, Bears, Bears

12/08/09 – The Huntsman, Stoke – with Rising Strike, Senseless

07/08/09 – Rebellion aftershow party, West Coast, Blaclpool – with the Senton Bombs

07/08/09 – Blue Bar, Blackpool – with CSOL and Barnyard Masturbator

17/06/09 – the Grapes, Sheffield, with – kickback UK

07/06/09 – Retro Bar, Manchester – with Hammers, Smack rats, Kickback and the Dangerous Aces

24/05/09 – Strummercamp 2009 – with Billy Bragg, the Damned, the Alarm, Goldblade, the Shadowcops, Harijan, JPS, the Shadowcops, the Hyperjax

08/05/09 – TNSTour, the Dog and Partridge, Bolton – with Sounds of Swami, the Kirkz, the Emos

07/05/09 – TNSTour, the Swan with Two Necks, Macclesfield – with Sounds of Swami, the Kirkz, the Emos

02/05/09 – TNSTour, 1in12 Club, Bradford – with Sounds of Swami, the Kirkz, the Emos

01/05/09 – Make Pigs Smoke album launch – Retro Bar – with Sounds of Swami, the Kirkz, the Emos, the Whiskey Bastards

19/04/09 – launch night at Satan’s Hollow – with The Freezing Fog, the Shadowcops, Stand Out Riot, Hot Bone, Serpentine Pad, Louis Barrabas and the Black Velvet Band

31/01/09 – TNSLeeds launch night – with Sounds of Swami, the Kirkz and Nanas Revenge

31/12/08 – IGNITION NYE – with the Shadowcops, John Player Specials, Stand Out Riot and Mike Harijan

20/12/08 – TNSMas party at Retro bar – with the shadowcops, the kirkz, the dangerous aces

14/12/08 – punk rock karaoke – with the shadowcops, stand out riot and horace hand grenade

05/12/08 – west coast, blackpool – with smack rats

01/12/08 – retro bar, manchester – with Jimmy the Squirrel, Bears, Bears, The Frontline, Eye Licker, A War Against Sound

19/11/08 – retro bar, manchester (jakes 21st) – with John Player Specials, GFA, Name in Brackets, Peter Simple

15/11/08 – the madocs, colwyn bay, wales – with the emo’s, acid drop

31/10/08 – kino piluto, prague with cotam

30/10/08 – chapeau, prague – with cotam

24/10/08 – retro bar, manchester – with the kirkz, davey psychotronic, laughing in the face of, nanas revenge and stand out riot

10/10/08 – TNSBlackpool – with harijan, the fractions, the strikeouts

12/09/08 – TWATFEST, Granthem – with gizmo, the rocket polishers and more

23/08/08 – IGNITION FESTIVAL, Manchester – with harijan, bears bears, stand out riot, ben childs, the rabble, matt woods, gfa, the dangerous aces, the stopouts and more

06/08/08 – west coast bar, blackpool (rebellion warm up gig) – with the john player specials, litterbug

19/07/08 – the old wharf, birmingham – with garden gang, eastfield, d’corner bois, indecent assault (Daves last gig)

18/07/08 – ryans bar, london – with social schism

17/07/08 – junction 7, nottingham – with fat lady singh, just panic

16/07/08 – the postchaise, bishop auckland – with tripdash, kaikoura

15/07/08 – netherton and sefton british legion, liverpool – with john doe and the fuckups

14/07/08 – royal park cellars, leeds – with nanas revenge, the rocket polishers

13/07/08 – crossroads, keighly

12/07/08 – the swan, macclesfield – with the kirkz, the shadowcops, kreoste

11/07/08 – the dog and partridge, bolton – with the emos

22/06/08 – Retro Bar, Manchester – with the Scatter, the Minions, Just Panic, the john Player Special and the Shadowcops

21/06/08 – the Thatched House, Stockport – with Harijan, the Dangerous Aces, the Medicine Bow, Anti Nowhere League

21/06/08 – Zavvi/Virgin Megastore (afternoon gig) – with the shadowcops, sounds of swami, The marder

14/06/08 – the Varsity, Wolverhampton – with the Nova 5s

25/05/08 – Strummer Camp Festival, Bowdon – with the Beat, The King Blues, Sonic Boom 6, random Hand, Goldblade and many more

17/05/08 – the swan, TNSMacclesfield – with the kirkz, the fractions, sounds of swami

04/05/08 – retro bar, manchester – with the fractions, just panic, mr international and the getaway gang, tool of the regime

03/05/08 – the stamford arms, stalybridge

26/04/08 – speakers corner, colwyn bay – with global parasite

19/04/08 – the black horse, birmingham – with officer down, the black marias

15/04/08 – the napier, blackburn – with jack the union, turn it red

13/04/08 – the thatched house, stockport – with the shadowcops, 2 sick monkeys, the fractions, just panic, sense of urgency

29/03/08 – joshua brooks, manchester – tnsrecords launch night – with the kirkz, harijan, sounds of swami, the john player specials

24/03/08 – mercury flux, preston – with: just panic, kickback, the john player specials, the fractions, the cost of living, the shadowcops, the senton bombs, dieing for toto

16/03/08 – joshua brooks, manchester – with billy and the grease boys, the minions, harijan, the great st louis

28/02/08 – jacksons pit, oldham – with moral dilemma, the autonomads

23/02/08 – the black horse, birmingham – with obnoxious uk, death zone

22/02/08 – the napier, blackburn – with 3cr, middle finger salute

14/02/08 – the star and garter – with subhumans, global parasite, the bullet kings

04/01/08 – winnington park rec, northwich

15/12/07 – the crooked billet, birkenhead – with mdm

14/12/07 – the castle, manchester – with the fractions, sounds of swami, mr international and the getaway gang

02/12/07 – joshua brookes, manchester – with dog toffee, buzzkill, the computers, the fractions

29/11/07 – the phoenix, manchester – with police bastard, the dangerous aces

02/11/07 – the castle, manchester – with the shadowcops, the fractions

31/10/07 – the sportsman, bishop auckland

16/10/07 – Mercury Flux, preston – with tepodd, the senton bombs

12/10/07 – ruby lounge, manchester – with the fractions

23/09/07 – the royal oak, poulton le fyde – with the kirkz, the bullet kings, faintest idea, the fractions, one man stand, paul carter and more (SAS gig) Matt’s Debut

08/09/07 – the dudley, rhyl – with the fractions, the kirkz, suspicious stains, ambush uk

01/09/07 – the thatched house, stockport – sas festival

31/08/07 – crossroads, kieghly – with sounds of swami

30/08/07 – carpe diem, leeds – with sounds of swami

05/08/07 – Joshua Brookes, Manchester – with external menace, the fractions, mr international and the getaway gang, matt woods

04/08/07 – The Royal Oak Sudbury – with fanny pads, black maria, social schism

03/08/07 – The Vic, Coalville

02/08/07 – The Brewery Tap, Folkestone – with 3dbs down and more

01/08/07 – Royal Park Cellars, Leeds

20/07/07 – Masons Bar – Derry (Ireland) – with anti state, the medicine bow, the dangerous aces

20/04/07 – the castle (big hands stag do) – with the dangerous aces and gfa (Liams last gig)

15/04/07 – The Thatched House, Stockport – with the shadowcops, bad day at black rock, sense of urgency and section 47

14/04/07 – The Exchange, Bradford – with koncept and the bullet kings

11/04/07 – The Star and Garter, Manchester – with Subhumans, Barnyard Masturbator and the Dangerous Aces

08/04/07 – Angel Cake Burlesque night, Tiger Lounge, Manchester

07/04/07 – The Phoenix, Coventry – with somnus

06/04/07 – Epic Skate Park, Birmigham – with Animo Torso

05/04/07 – The George Venue, Andover – with Guns on the Roof and the Candidates

04/04/07 – The Turks, Reading – with Second in Line

03/04/07 – The Bedford park Inn, Streatham, London – with Koma Kats and the Smack Rats

02/04/07 – The Good Ship, Kilburn, London – with Second in Line

01/04/07 – The Station – Ashton – with DBD

31/03/07 – the Primrose, Leeds – with Mr International and the Getaway Gang

24/03/07 – the castle – with the kirkz, the fractions

10/03/07 – the gravy train club, newton le willows

25/02/07 – the star and garter, manchester – with the vincent razorbacks and kings of the delmar

24/02/07 – the bowling green, manchester – with the leif erickson and the vipers

09/02/07 – The Castle, manchester – with the dangerous aces, the shadowcops and shermer

27/01/07 – the swan with two necks, macclesfield

21/01/07 – Joshua Brookes, Manchester – with shermer, the great st louis, the fractions, the dethkats

17/01/07 – the Snooty Fox, Wakefield – with sounds of swami and the northern guns

05/01/07 – Epic Skatepark, Birmingham – with Stupid, Stupid, Stupid and Steve

19/12/06 – The Castle, Manchester – with External Menace, The Kirkz, The Dangerous Aces, GFA

18/11/06 – the yorkshire house, lancaster – with sadie hawkins dance, desolate

27/10/06 – the glebe, stoke – with district 6 and the tommys

20/10/06 – scruffy murphys, birmingham – with d’corner bois, matapazi bob

18/10/06 – the star and garter, manchester – with the grit, the hyperjax

09/09/06 – carpe diem, leeds, with erin

09/08/06 – satans hollow, manchester – with mdc (millions of dead cops), bsd, the day man lost

06/08/06 – the island, stafford – with always loving lisa and poisened youth

06/08/16 – the island (matinee), stafford – with platypus duck and poisened youth

05/08/06 – the phoenix, coventry – with ten days

04/08/06 – blackmarket venue, warsop – with 3cr and smell my finger

03/08/06 – the railway, ipswich – with fanny pads, social schism, rotten aganda, red shift, repulsive love fairies

02/08/06 – tunbridge wells forum – with random hand and delve on this

01/08/06 – clockwork, london – with shoegazing indie shite

31/07/06 – casablancas, southport – with the almighty cock ups

30/07/06 – joshua brookes, manchester – with 3cr, roadkill, crack howard

29/07/06 – the soundhouse, bolton – with shermer, blowback, baxter, appease, the emos

22/07/06 – the victoria bikers pub, coalville (2 day festival), with kid klumsy and many more

16/07/06 – Matt’s Birthday party @ joshua brookes, with the kirkz, gizmo, the dangerous aces, barnyard masturbater, kid voodoo, the tailshakers, home brew, the medicine bow, monkey toast and more

02/07/06 – joshua brookes, manchester, with the kirkz, kid klumsy, baxter and arm rug

25/06/06 – trimpell club, morecambe – nice n’ sleazy festival, with guns on the roof, stuntface, kings of the delmar, resistance 77 and many, many more

23/06/06 – charlestones bar, morecambe – nice n’ sleazy festival, with the fractions, suspicious stains and more

11/06/06 – jbs, manchester with seize the day, the shuffle, mr international and the getaway gang

08/06/06 – jacksons pit, oldham – with gfa

03/06/06 – The Dudley Arms Rhyl, Dirty Weekend with loads of bands including bordem, seize the day, crouch mog, kamikaze sperm, anonymous tip and more

26/05/06 – the Victoria, Coalville

21/05/06 – joshua brookes, Manchester with the Blunts, Kings of the Delmar, The Straitjackets, the Medicine Bow, 2 Sick Monkeys, The Dangerous Aces, Matt from Gizmo

20/05/06 – the Varsity, Wolverhampton with The Blunts and Kings of the delmar

07/05/06 – joshua brookes, manchester with the shadowcops, external menace, out of gauge and matt from gizmo

10/04/06 – retro bar, manchester with gfa and the dangerous aces

08/04/06 – carpe diem, leeds – with Virginia Creep + Diego Snail

02/04/06 – joshua brookes, manchester – with the shadowcops, the dangerous aces and kamikaze sperm

29/03/06 – manchester academy 3 with discharge, 3cr the guilty pleasures

20/03/06 – joshua brookes, manchester – with the first, seize the day and gfa

08/03/06 – Drezla Lounge, Liverpool with the Sellout Flaw, Lobe and just panic

05/03/06 – joshua brookes, manchester with the fractions, death defying life, spit on you, two sick monkeys, cigarettes and valentines

25/02/06 – Dudley Arms, Rhyl with the freaks union, a new days enemy

24/02/06 – Star and Garter, Manchester with the briefs, crashed out and the down and outs

23/02/06 – the firkin, stafford with false idol and always loving lisa

22/02/06 – Riffs Bar, Greatfield, swindon with 2 sick monkeys, hacksaw

21/02/06 – the phoenix, plymouth with the blunts, 5 dead men, dr badcore

20/02/06 – brighton freebutt with ctl, flatpig

19/02/06 – the junction, york with death defying life, framed by fire

18/02/06 – market tavern, digbeth, birmingham, with apocalypse babies and the arguments

18/01/06 – retro bar, manchester with kid klumsy, gfa, gizmo

08/01/06 – joshua brooks, manchester – with antibodies, blueprint to a downfall, woodsmoor

16/12/05 – gibsons, oswestry – with nomonix, fhcm

11/12/05 – the attic with 3cr, one man stand, the dangerous aces, kamikazee sperm, i’m no philosopher

27/11/05 – satan’s hollow – with kid voodoo, the blunts, kings of the delmar, the medicine bow

06/11/05 – the attic – with flat back four, the kobrakai, gizmo, gfa, saving grace

27/10/05 – fibbers, york – with bad shots reunion, Framed By Fire and Death Defying Life

23/10/05 – joshua brooks manchester – with the sellout flaw, gfa and the fractions

03/10/05 – the castle, manchester

02/10/05 – the attic, manchester – with avenues, patchwork grace, the first, i admit defeat, autumn 9

25/09/05 – grand central, manchester – with censa faye

24/09/05 – the haygate, wellington – with the blunts

15/09/05 – the Castle Oldham – with autumn nine

12/09/05 – retro bar manchester

04/09/05 – joshua brooks manchester – with lap, ctl, bad shots reunion, stamford

29/08/05 – the witchwood ashton – with ABRASIVE WHEELS, GOLDBLADE, THE DEAD PETS, emergency, 3cr, the kirkz, monkey shuffle, apocalypse babies

18/08/05 – manchester retro bar – with purgatory state

12/08/05 – guildford backline studio – with spontaneous suggestion, davros and more

11/08/05 – stafford firkin – with THE BLUNTS, false idol

10/08/05 – derby flowerpot – with avenues, patchwork grace

09/08/05 – birmingham market tavern – with radiation angels, d’ corner bois, THE BLUNTS

08/08/05 – brighton freebutt – with Turn cold, ctl

07/08/05 – manchester attic – with irrelevant plea, false idol, afs, the likes

06/08/05 – wigan nirvana cafe – with the arguments

04/08/05 – stockport su

23/07/05 – the thatched house – with VICE SQUAD, dbd and more

26/06/05 – manchester academy 3 – with UNCLE BRIAN, manekin john and smiling politely

19/06/05 new york new york, stafford – with false idol and eight years later

05/06/05 the attic – with pendleton, jesus burgers, speed ball (Liam’s debut)

25/05/05 the music box, manchester – with GRAVELTRAP, minions of jeffrey, failure by design

13/05/05 satan’s hollow, manchester – with GOLDBLADE, THE FAT CATS

12/05/05 stockport su – with no standards

08/05/05 the attic, manchester – with me and three others, like i care, purgatory state, sellout flaw

04/05/05 the thatched house, stockport – with out of gauge, chaos made chester

14/04/05 the life cafe, deansgate – with harijan, purgatory state

03/04/05 the attic, manchester – with irrelevant plea, the blunts, GFA

13/03/05 the attic, manchester – with monkfish, flat back four, doctrine, rhythmic coughing

10/03/05 stockport student union – with circle of silence

11/02/05 the planet, wolverhampton – with the blunts, rabies babies and 3CR

30/01/05 the attic, manchester – with no standards, saving grace, out of gauge, the kirkz

15/12/04 jillys rock world, manchester – with CAPTAIN EVERYTHING, minions of jeffrey, flat back four

05/12/04 the attic, manchester – with the fractions, kamikazee sperm, the voice of an idiot, me and three others

16/11/04 stockport su – with the kirkz, out of gauge, built from scratch, MYBE

30/10/04 gullivers, manchester – with AVOID ONE THING, NOT KATIES, no standards, second monday

17/10/04 the attic, manchester – with the blunts, harijan, morning pizza, built from scratch

17/09/04 dry bar, manchester – with B*MOVIE HEROES, flamingo 50, hooker, skankt

22/08/04 the attic, manchester – with 3 DBS down, morning pizza, built from scratch

30/07/04 the planet, wolverhampton – with the blunts, bushpig, the meanwells

28/07/04 retro bar, manchester – with a day left, ten seconds of chaos, monkfish, the voice of an idiot

20/06/04 the attic, manchester – with circle of silence, harijan, random hand, morning pizza

30/04/04 dry bar manchester – with B*MOVIE HEROES, leaf

17/04/04 jabez clegg, manchester – with gigantic monkey, saving grace, crouch mog, cheddleton, morning pizza

11/04/04 the attic, manchester – with 3DBS down, the blunts, monkfish