Some Of These People Have Come From Stoke reviews

“It’s a rollicking ride through punk rock mayhem, and it’ll be a great gem to look back on in years to come.” Shout Louder

“Ruddy ace… It shows a real depth to their skills with guitar solo’s a-plenty… What they’ve done here with Tim Loud is put out a really decent listen, proper full on rock… Good work chaps.” Lights Go Out

Colossal Velocity reviews

‘Colossal Velocity’ is a relentless barrage of masterful punk. Fucking brilliant! This, ladies and gentlemen, is how it should be… Punk rock for 2016. Modern, thrashy, intense and bloody refreshing.” Blank Slate Creative

“A 17 track head crack of raging, humour ridden hardcore punk delivered hammer like to the base of your skull… beneath the wry smile ROTPM are both socially conscious and politically aware, with ‘Colossal Velocity’ they have found the perfect medium to deliver their message!” Louder Than War

“Aggressive punk that makes Black Flag sound relaxed… 17 explosions of excellent, snotty rage that you can both smash the system and skateboard to.” 4K Kerrang! Magazine

“I’ve been a fan of Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man virtually since day one. I’m time and again impressed by each recording they put forward… The twin vocal attack of Andy Davies and Matt Woods is blinding and sets me back to Zeke at their height in the 90s. Blazing guitars, 100mph drumming and hearty singalongs… I should stress the quality of the lyric writing here that features a clear northern socialist slant” Riot 77

“‘Colossal Velocity’ is a perfect punk rock album… it’s fast, shouty, and incredibly catchy.” 9/10

“Something else the band have managed to do fantastically on the record is capture the anarchy of a Revenge set. Throughout Colossal Velocity all I want to do is throw my body around with pure anarchic joy… The band have been going for a while now and have become cult heroes in the punk scene, especially in Manchester. This could be the album that puts them among the heavyweights of the UK punk scene.” Colin’s Punk Rock World

“This is one bloody great album. ROTPM are still yet to produce something that isn’t f***ing incredible.” Lights Go Out

“These guys are without a doubt one of the most amazing thrashy punk bands on the circuit. This album is a must for speed freaks everywhere. It provides an unbeatable adrenaline rush… Get it! Get it now and play it often – that’s what I’m doing.” Issue

“These are all great slices of speed-punk, but with the extra layer of humour, satire and all round social awareness on display, they are elevated to a new level… imagine being sonically steamrollered by a man called Tex driving a gigantic pick up truck called Convoy…” 4/5 PureRawk

“It’s fast as hell, it’s raw as fuck and it’s seriously fun.” 8/10 Original Rock

“ROTPM really are one of the least pretentious and most approachable bands on the UK scene and deserve the respect and fanbase they have tenfold. Great band, great people, great record. Get it.” Pull The Trigger

“17 tracks crammed full of socially aware, witty and intelligent punk rock.” 8/10 Sunderland Echo

“It contains all the elements that fans of the band would expect: breakneck speed, gruff vocals, weird song titles and crushing riffs”. The Punk Archive

“…merging early 80s DC ‘core with mid-80s UKHC to terrific effect…This is gloriously cathartic and will be terrific live. See ya in the moshpit” OutlineOnline

“…they evidently have a lot to get off to their collective chest. Where other bands take up a cause to look good or sound relevant, they evidently mean it (man). Which, of course, would all be a bit too worthy in the hands of some, but when you’re being carried along on the white water rapids of their exhilarating sound and being chucked an occasional chuckle along the way too, it’s fun all the way.” Glasswerk

“Their best album to date… this is definitely the sound of a band hitting their stride. Revenge is sweet” 8/10 Vive Le Rock Magazine

“Super speedy, thrashing and bashing punk rock. Have a pint and join the pit. Good.” Gadgie

“Hardcore punk, played at hammering pace, that just keeps on driving… Straight up, no nonsense, smart arsery of the highest order.” Devils Gate Media

“…modern, creative and filled with character… ‘Colossal Velocity’ is angry and defiant, as well as wry and playful. The band successfully have their say whilst keeping a foot firmly over the line of good times ahoy, a straddling act that is surely at the heart of all great punk bands… fans of blistering punk music should not hesitate to add it to their collection.” Seeing Your Scene

“A very political album addressing issues in our society, but doing so in a very enjoyable way that leaves you pumped and wanting more” RAMzine

“Grade-A hard hitting, kicking and screaming thrash glory” Dying Scene

“Without a doubt, one of the best punk bands the UK has to offer”. Hellraiser Metalhead Music

“What the crew do they do ruddy well, keep it thrashy but tight and ram home every noisy nail with authority… just switch on and burst some blood vessels.” Fungal Punk

“Now more than ever, it feels like we need punk music. We need people coming together and making their voices heard. We need bands like Revenge of The Psychotronic Man.” Breathing The Core


Live Reviews 2017


ROTPM are known for their short songs and their fast and shouty nature. This triggered less dancing and more hard moshing very early on into their set. The trio unleashed some tracks from their latest release, “Colossal Velocity”, featuring my personal favourites “Niall Quinn” and “Small-Minded NIMBY Prick”. It wasn’t long before bassist Andy Davies requested that everyone should run around the iconic Underworld pole that’s right in the middle of the floor, to which a good portion of the crowd obliged during “Booze Time”.

ROTPM delivered plenty of fast, crunchy riffs with a hard-hitting attitude, and this nature was mimicked by the crowd in a much more involved way than I was expecting. I’d seen crazy sets from this band before, but all expectations were blown out of the water this night. A new track, “Planet Earth 2”, had some great grooves, and was by all counts closer to a headbanger than a thrasher, with fans relentlessly rocking out like they had done all set. One of the funniest moments came when a fan lifted his drunk mate up onto his shoulders and ran right into the pit. Pints were spilt and thrown around; it was messy, it was relentless energy the whole way through, and it was the best kind of reaction that ROTPM could have hoped for. The band seemed very humbled by it all too. 9/10



After folk-punk and ska it was time for something a little different and the thrashy, aggressive hardcore of Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man is definitely that. Playing extremely fast punk they hammer out Drinking In The VanLook At Me, I’m A Fucking Tiger and I Am Absolutely Fuming, before the assembled crowd can barely draw breath. The first circle pit of the night, at the gentle suggestion of bassist/vocalist Andy, formed during To Be Frank and it was pretty clear that the dancing had stopped and from now on it was moshpits, circle pits and a few attempts at the fabled human pyramid. Whilst there were a few tracks from last year’s Colossal Velocity, the biggest reactions were to older favourites such as Fucking Booze Time and Flech Death Fuck Storm causing chaos in the pit. With most lyrics being spat out so fast as to be unrecognisable this was all about speed, groove and attitude, which they have in abundance. Finishing up with Rrose Selavy the humbling looks on the bands faces showed exactly what tonight meant to them.

COLIN’S PUNK ROCK WORLD – TNSrecords Tour, Cambridge, 24/02/17

I always think of ROTPM to be THE TNS band. Think of ROTPM and think of TNS, think of TNS and think of ROTPM. So it only seemed right that they kicked off the show and the entire tour. The Manchester three piece’s fast and aggressive brand of thrash punk is good on record but live it really is something else. I first saw ROTPM last year at the Manchester Punk Festival and I was amazed by the whole spectacle of their set. They really got the crowd going that night, so much so that I remember the chaos that was happening in the pit more so than the band’s performance. This time I made sure to pay attention to the band. I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever really appreciated just what good musicians Chris (drums), Matt (guitar) and Andy (bass) all are. They play faster than any band I’ve ever seen but with and crazy amount of technique as well. This was the perfect was to start the night. I thought “If it continues like this, we are in for a real treat.”


Live Reviews 2016 



17. Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man at Manchester Punk Festival 23/4/16
This definitely was one of the craziest sets I saw all year. After a long day at Manchester Punk Festival we headed to the after-party where Manchester punk legends Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man opened the show. After coming on to stage with Mr Blobby there was half an hour of complete joyous carnage. After hearing so much about ROTPM’s live show finally seeing live was an eye opening experience. The band have a cult following and after a performance like the one I witnessed at MPF it’s easy to see why. The band play hard and fast, barely relenting during their entire set. It was brilliant.



Manchester hardcore punks Revenge of the Psychotronic Man wasted no time in trying to better that. As soon as the trio hit the stage there was a call for birthday boy Jason to crawl through the venue’s circular hole in the support wall as if he was coming out of the vagina again. This act that was copied many times throughout the set. Recently Revenge of… released their album ‘Colossal Velocity’, which is seventeen tracks played in twenty-one minutes. This gives you an idea on how fast and intense the songs were.
‘Small Minded NIMBY Prick’, was a stand out track purely for its aggressive nature, in which the title words are shouted loudly by everyone on top of heavily distorted riffs. More crowd surfing ensued, but the highlight was when local punter Les was picked up in his wheel chair lifted above the crowd. The Union Bar had outdone itself this time with its craziness. [9/10] 
Broken Arrow Magazine



You would think that nearly ten hours of punk rock that would be enough? Not at MPF, after The Flatliners had finished their epic headline set we wearily made our way to a club named Zoo for the Manchester Punk Festival after party. First band scheduled were Manchester favourites Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man. While we hung out, waiting for the band to come on the Mr Blobby theme tune came on over the sound system. Then Mr Blobby made his way on to the stage, followed by ROTPM. There was a real sense of what on earth is going on? Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man are cult heroes in the Manchester scene, always playing really mad and anarchic shows and this was like no other. The crowd went absolutely insane, bodies were everywhere! The band played loud and they played really really fast. And furiously. Really furiously. It’s really hard to give ROTPM a review to really do their live show justice. I kind of feel like I didn’t see The Ramones play in New York and I didn’t see The Clash play in London but in thirty years I can say I did see Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man play in Manchester… with Mr Blobby. Colin’s Punk Rock World



That but it wasn’t quite the end of the night, with an aftershow and more bands playing at Zoo. Local favourites, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, who include Andy in their ranks (who is a part of the organisation team), kicked off the aftershow party in typical riotous fashion with the crowd going absolutely crazy from the off to Get Pissed, Talk Shit, Dance Like An Idiot. Less a song and more of an instruction manual for the night, it was perfectly pitched. Dealing in stupidly fast punk, this wasn’t a set of subtlety, instead the band bludgeoned you with frantic riffs and high energy. With new album Colossal Velocity due for release sometime this summer they took the opportunity to air a few new tracks, including the scuzzy chords of I Wanna Be A Spaceman and Hectic Danger Day. Safe to say that they went down a storm. At the start of Rose Selavy one excitable fan decided to give the crowd a flash, just part and parcel of a Revenge… gig really. Finishing with a maniacal Stop Telling Me What To Do, also saw Andy finish the set in the pit, guitar in place, without missing a beat. The Punk Archive


The Bear and the Tiger (Bootscraper covers split) reviews:

“The beauty of this split is that both bands manage to make every track their own. A covers split that’s sure to power us all the way through the entirity of 2015. It blows your mind.” Brew For Breakfast

“As a record it highlights all the best parts of doing this kind of a split endeavour, having introduced me to a new artist that I cannot wait to discover further (Bootscraper) and delivered a cracking offering from a band I already know and love. As a plus it is all in glorious DIY, so you know you are supporting the people who deserve it most. I highly recommend that you get over to their respective Facebook pages and ‘like’ them if you haven’t already and take a listen to this stunning record.” Seeing Your Scene

“Another instant TNS hit. It’s quite inspired actually – maybe the start of a series, TNS?” Scannerzine

“Question is, does it work? In a word, yes. Neither band let you down. Interesting and well worth your time.” The Punk Archive

“ This is a really fun idea, both bands stepped up and nailed each other’s tunes really well. TNS pull another blinder out of the bag!” Lights Go Out

“The nuttiest noise to come out of my speakers in ages. Two bands – one speed punk, one politico-folk – each band covering the other’s songs. What could go wrong?Very little, as it turns out, and loads goes really right.

A sheer energetic thump making you feel drained and able to take on the world at the same time, and that’s some trick.” Now Then Magazine

Then on to Revenge…, whose speed-punk covers of Bootscraper could easily be their own tracks. This three-piece are more than capable of taking a track and making it their own.

Their four tracks are riff-heavy with occasional bass solos, frequent tempo changes and a cracking guitar solo in ‘The Suffering’, the result is a dynamic collection of tracks which left me wanting more.” Scene Better Days



10 Years Of Revenge reviews:

“These fellas have been cranking out sublimely fast slices of pristine Punk Rock for 10 years… this is another scintillating selection of fast jams and raging rockers…. As always, quality! Get in there!” Scannerzine

“These guys are still tearing it up impressively hard and fast a decade later” Razorcake

“The 10 Year Anniversary 7” EP is essential listening for everyone who’s been to see this band over the last decade. In 10 years, they’ve become part of an established punk label, played hundreds of gigs across the UK and Europe, assembled what must be thousands of human pyramids, and more recently even did a session for the Radio 1 Punk Show. That’s big stuff!

I hope Revenge of the Psychotronic Man keep going for another 10 years and more. Still getting pissed, still talking shit and still dancing like idiots. Let’s hope it never changes.” Shot In The Foot

“It is all about dabbling with yer dome of discordance and seeing what ejaculates forth – I am happy to say the sonic semen splashed here is very salty – have a gander. Good to see people tiptoeing outside safety zones and putting their todgers of tuneage into new electrified areas!” Fungalpunk

This EP encompasses everything we love about them; the raw power, the unrelenting hard sounds, the speed you can’t sit still to. This is a punk album. Pure and simply. It’s the sound that comes into my head when I try and describe the music of the scene. Switch to side B and we have some remixes of two tracks from Shattered Dreams Parkway, “Beer For Breakfast” and “Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far”, both sound absolutely mind blowing and despite my love for the originals, I can definitely get on board with these tracks. Both Tim G and C-Rave have outdone themselves, I didn’t expect it and was more than pleasantly surprised. In fact I was fucking awed. A must have.” Brew For Breakfast

“Although they may get pissed and dance like idiots, they definitely don’t talk shit. The band have the ability to write songs with a social and political conscience as well as ones that encompass the exuberant nature of getting drunk and having a laugh.” Louder Than War

“Classic early Lookout! style punk hardcore, which is always good to hear.” Mass Movement

“All the tracks are bloody fantastic, fast and punky and full of power and angst. A timely reminder, as if it was necessary, of just how good a band this is.” Issue



In Session From Maida Vale reviews: 

“One of the best DIY punk rock bands in the UK right now. One of those records that all punk fans should have in their collections. Ruddy ace.” Lights Go Out

As a live act they serve up relentless, ferocious punk – perfectly captured on this release. Scratch the surface, though, and we find a band that has taken heed of that all important lesson of not swallowing blindly all that you are told. What they’ve reaped along the way is reflected in the thought-provoking lyrics. This year sees their 10th anniversary, so this Maida Vale session puts down a convenient marker in their uncompromising journey. Louder Than War

“Fun, fast and furious” Scene Better Days

“As with Peel Sessions of the past, these versions are somewhat more stripped down and really emphasize the busy bass blur of Andy Davis that somehow sounds clear but destructive and dirty at the same time. A REVENGE… release is always welcome at the House Of Scanner and this in particular is interesting as it gives some already well-loved songs a new dimension. “ Scannerzine

“An unfathomably fast, furious, but outrageously fun session.” Mancunian Matters

“It sounds wonderful and captures the energy and aggression I’ve come to associate with them. Just fucking relentless from start to finish” Riot 77



Shattered Dreams Parkway reviews:

“ A Searing British punk band. This is very good.” Steve Lamacq

“It’s super fast, furious, frantic and to add another couple of f’s to the party…it’s fucking fantastic! You do need to get this album right away, in fact why not get their whole back catalogue. ROTPM are without a doubt one of my favourite UK bands!” Lights Go Out

“Shattered Dreams still has absolutely all of the alcohol-soaked, adrenaline fuelled punk rock fun that made a generation of punks get pissed, talk shit and dance like idiots. Sub-fucking-lime.”

One Way Ticket To Cubesville

“Gut-bursting speed punk that would make even Zeke blush. This is cracking hardcore with absolutely no adornments. They make no apologies, take no prisoners and second guess nothing… There is another dimension that shouldn’t be overlooked – they’re politically sussed. Check out ‘Red Top Bullshit’ and ‘Hobby Horse’ for an insightful view on current goings on with media manipulation and transfers of wealth… A potent expression of bile, straight from the core.” Riot 77 Magazine

“The recorded sound of Revenge Of… effortlessly captures the insanely contagious energy that defines their live sets… Ultimately, the album is thought provoking, forward thinking and doused with intensity… They also possess the ability to write songs with a social and political conscience as well as ones that encompass the exuberant nature of getting drunk and having a laugh… Revenge Of… are like the John Fante or Charles Bukowsi of punk; they are accessible to everyman. There is no pretension; they are simply intellectually challenging and emotive in the most straightforward of ways. Merge this with punk music that is hard and fast enough to make your ears bleed and you’re left with quite an incredible album.” Leanne Durr – Louder Than War

“A glorious racket. Fast and frantic, raw and raucous, yet tight and catchy. This will have you jumping up and down from start to finish.” Fear and Loathing

“This band have everything you want in hardcore thrash punk, the speed, live shows beyond everything else and brilliant lyrics and song titles… More than highly recommended.” 9/10 Danielle Millea – Leeds Music Scene

“Impressive stuff… Blazing and belligerent and resolutely DIY – just as it should be!” Scannerzine

“It’s like a mental kick up the arse to make people get away from their TV screens take more action… It’s fast as fuck and they’re playing in a way that a lot of other bands seem afraid to do these days. Each time I listen to it, it makes me want to drink as fast as possible and break things. Which can only be a good thing.” 5/5 Shot In The Foot

“The best bits from those early 80’s USHC bands but add a British touch, then throw in some sussed yet original lyrics… The best thing on TNS to date! No Messing!”Savage Amusement

“How good? Fucking good! That’s how good. So enjoyable on so many levels” Issue

“Middle-finger-in-the-air punk rock that’s fast, fun and lacking in bullshit. Shattered Dreams Parkway is reminiscent of a mix of early Rancid, Kid Dynamite and The Steal… A furious racket!” 4/5 Big Cheese

“A fresh reminder of what punk rock should sound like – raw and DIY, whilst still sounding like the 3 lads playing it know what they’re doing.” Studs And Punks

“Not many bands are able to receive such acclaim for an 19 minute album which has 15 songs on it but quality beats quantity hands down here. A ferocious mixture of drink fueled diatribes, telling the sea to f**k off and having 15 million merits makes for one of the fastest, hard hitting albums in years” Troublestrum

“Hideously too-good-to-be-true stuff. Their 2012 release, Shattered Dreams Parkway, has a fine line in odd humour, righteous anger, dust-clogged punk and tales of a life spent on the margins.” Audio Apocalypse

“If you like your punk music heavy & fast then give Revenge of the Psychotronic Man a few minutes of your time – you’ll be hooked.” Punk Online

“A mighty fine new album.” Barbies Dead

“Revenge of the Psychotronic Man are most definitely one of the best punk bands around, their sound is punk at its most ferocious combined with lyrical finesse.” Click Manchester

“These 15 tracks will leave you speechless… You want to find something intelligent, well-crafted and dedicated on this album?  It’s all there, just put this album on repeat, peruse their liner notes and discover a wealth of aggressive, honest and sharp punk rock.” Push To Fire

“Revenge of have something about them that makes them more interesting. It must be the surprise moments they manage to sneak into the songs. A really good recipe with a blend of traditional punk, and good punk rock.” 86/100 Cut The Fucking Crap Zine

“Fast and furious punk rock at it’s best.” 8/10 Street Voice Music

“Like an attack from a whizzed up octopus wearing steel boxing gloves” FungalPunk

“If you thought the first album from 2009 ‘Make Pigs Smoke’ was blasting you should listen this one, it will make you scream, and kick your head against the walls.”MPTYzine

“I was overjoyed to find this album is full of speedy punk rock gems, with songs that actually have lyrics dealing with stuff that’s not just throwaway nonsense. I have heard plenty of bands over the years who try to play fast and yet still have tunes and fail miserably, this lot hit the nail on the head.” Suspect Device

“Booze sodden, flash, bang, wallop, blink and you’ll miss it punk rock pandemonium.” Gadgie

“Fast and furious. Highly recommended” Scootering

“This band plays through the songs like maniacs… I’m going to be playing this a lot, you should get a copy and turn it up and blow the roof off of your house.” Profane Existence



International split reviews:

“100% punk rock fury – one of the best punk collaborations of the decade” 5/5 Big Cheese

“Hardcore songs for a hardcore summer.  From the criminal minds behind TNS Records (UK) and 5FeetUnder (DK) and Stickman Records (US). 5/5 MPTYzine

“This really is too good for words. Hard and fast and generally amazing. Buy this album, your ears will love you forever” Issue Fanzine 

“Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man are a sublime fury of hardcore punk fused with a ferocious energy. They appear to have it all; they are mind blowing live and relentless in their approach whatever size crowd they’re playing to and this frenzied energy fully translates to record.” Louder Than War

Incinerating Punk Rock but with more pace than an entire pack of prize-winning Greyhounds and more snarling attitude than a Rottweiler that’s been on a Tofu diet for a month. The trio dispense their six tracks in a blur, drink all your beer and fuck off. Excellent!!!” Scannerzine

The band take the prize for the fastest, yet most tight, punk music the world has seen the past few years. The time in the company of this band has been outstanding.” Revolution Music (Denmark)

“Absolutely quality stuff… you really should be owning this.” Lights Go Out

“Proper breakneck speed 80s influenced hardcore that will have you buzzing to jump in the pit with beer in hand, but also with a social consciousness that characterises the best bands of the genre.” 5/5 Shot in the Foot

“To save the day, here comes Revenge of… Powerful fast punk with strong vocals. A raging brew!” Negative Reaction

Hardcore music delivered fast with attitude. If you like your music fast and with passion, this is a must. The Cd is a full on hardcore thrash from start to end, never letting up and relentless.” Deadlamb

“It’s all energy and heart – perfect for small sweaty venues and bombing hills. D.I.Why? is an absolute tune” A Short Fanzine About Rocking

“As expected Revenge weigh in with top notch speed punk that won’t let anyone down… This is a shining example of what can be achieved when resources are pooled”Riot 77

These guys are awesome. Rowdy-sounding British dudes playing really fast with just enough appreciation for melody to hold things together. I loved their Make Pigs Smoke album from a while back, and this delivers more of the same. Think of these guys as the burlier second coming of Snuff.” Razorcake

“Punk as fuck… with an innate ability to drink a bar dry in a single sitting.” One Way Ticket to Cubesville



Make Pigs Smoke reviews:

“This is one hardcore punk album worth breaking your best friend’s legs for… Fans of Kid Dynamite and Zeke will be in nosebleed heaven… Kid Dynamite would explode if they heard this” 5/5 Tom Williams – Big Cheese

“This is f*cking great” Razorcake USA

“An infectiousness you can’t ignore” Riot77

“Do yourself a favor and buy this record” 5/5 –

“Woah this is beyond fast! Seriously this is really awesome. The riffs are immense, the vocals powerful, the recording spot on. Damn impressive…ROTPM were always a great band but with this album they’ve really come into their own and proved that they can really be a force of the UK punk rock scene… Punk rock for the Jager generation!”
Mr. T – Lights Go Out Fanzine

” All this album is fantastic, it makes me feel younger than I actually am, it makes me wanna jump around and swear and get pissed and that can only be the sign of a great band. ” Mild Peril fanzine

“One of the best punk albums of the last five years” Mish Mash Mosh

“I totally love this CD. Really fast and really aggressive, with bite sized portions of pure punk, breakneck beat, arm busting riffs and spleen gouging vocals snarled at you. It is awesome old school punk” Issue Fanzine

“Quite brilliant stuff indeed.” Running Feart fanzine

“It pumps you up for some hard drinking and hard rocking” 5/5 – Shot in the Foot

“Riffs that charge outta the speakers like a wounded bull. It sounds like a jet taking off.” Scanner Zine, NZ

“Sure to incite bouncing in unison with fists pumping in the air” Second City Magazine

“Surely a must have for punk lovers !” Mircea-mptyzine-Romania

“This album immediately jumps out of your speakers, runs around your front room screaming like a mental patient, stops and pants for a bit, then legs it out of the window”Burnout

” fourteen snippets of headlong punk that hover around the one minute mark. If you like your punk fast, then you’ll have trouble finding a band who can churn out the noise faster than this Manchester three-piece ” Jessica Thornsby Leeds Music Scene

“More effective ammunition to stun those seeking an independent spirit, ballsy approach and an act with something still to say”. Glasswerk

“Raging superfast hardcore with vocals that are a bit gruff and a bit manic, Awesome!” You Can’t Say No to Hope fanzinepastedGraphic_1.pdf




“Then it was the time for REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN who got the mother f*cking party started. They blitzed through loads of songs, and managed to get the crowd doing circle pits, walls of death, and human pyramids! It wasn’t even 4pm and it was kicking off big time.” On’t Road

“The fastest and wildest band in UK punk rock. ROTPM play primal punk rock, like a square-go with Zeke, The Steal and Posion Idea, and have played with everyone from Bad Religion to NoMeansNo over the last 10 years. ROTPM are also the brains behind seminal UK punk label TNSrecords and Manchester Punk Festival. Essential UK punk rock!” Stuck in the Summertime

“you know what to expect; f*cking fast songs, crowd interaction, bulging eyes, human pyramids and floppy hair from Big Hands on the drums. To say they kicked ass would be an understatement, they absolutely slayed it. This was their 400th gig as well, nice work that. If you’re yet to have seen this lot, rectify it straight away.” LGO (Salisbury 2014)

“The headline band were Revenge of the Psychotronic Man who had come down all the way from snowbound Manchester. They are legends in the DIY/underground punk world, once seen – never forgotten. This was a punk show which is going to be very difficult to top.” Issue 2015 (Basingstoke 2015)

“Revenge of the Psychotronic Man hail from Manchester and are the quite simply the best live British punk band there is. Fast, loud and booze fuelled. It’s what punk rock is all about. Somehow they still find time to run the totally awesome TNS Record Label. Legends” South Wales Evening Post (Swansea 2015)

“The legendary RPM took to the stage last and with a strict curfew proceeded to bang out about two dozen songs in half an hour. It was a sight to behold and it just proved to me what an awesome punk band they truly are. The crowd went crazy too. Utterly crazy for a Monday night, but the good kind of crazy.” Issue (Reading 2014)

“Down into that thronging sweat pit of an Arena and the Revenge of The Psychotronic Man party is already in full swing… It’s well attended, it’s been well flyered, it works! Having been to all the crevices Europe tries to hide, this is a well honed band. I caught them at the Dirty Weekend a few years ago, and they’re no strangers to North Wales and they’re keen to tell you that alcohol is not a drug, it’s a drink. RoTPM are here to party and have fun… We partied, we had fun… Job done…” Rebellion 2013 – Link2Wales

“We leave the Arena feeling like Malcolm McDowell during the aversion therapy scenes in ‘Clockwork Orange’. You want something fast and in your face punk rock then Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man are the band to wake you the fuck up.” Rebellion 2013 – UberRock

“The highly anticipated old hats, REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN, played the set to end all sets. As a punk band should, they play short bursts of energy, with lyrics, which when discernible, are intelligent and opinionated. I’ve never seen these lads play a gig where the crowd didn’t go wild with pyramids, human wheelbarrows and walls of death and the all-dayer was no different. With the most brutal wall of death of the night and many dropped crowd surfers, they were met by thunderous applause from the battered onlookers. By far one of the best performances of the night.” Big Cheese, May 2

“Then it was back down for Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, who woke up those who were starting to flag with a short and to the point set of furious hardcore. Working in plenty of songs from the new album in to a small amount of time, there was still room for some older classics, and a solo punk rock rendition of Kirsty MacColl’s ‘There’s a Guy Works down the Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis.’ They also set the tone for the rest of the night’s dancefloor carnage, with human pyramids, wheelbarrow pits and drunken face plants a-plenty. It was an awesome sight to behold and there will undoubtedly have been some impressive bruising going on around Leeds the next day.” Pie Race 2012 5/5 Shot In The Foot

“This is a band that you can see and walk away feeling that life has a purpose after all.” Bang Bar, Basinstoke, 2011. From Issue Fanzine

Manchester’s finest speed punk band, throwing 20 second songs and comedy banter at you full pelt.” Manchester Academy 2 (with Bad Religion) 2010. From Egigs.



Vs. The Fractions split ep. reviews:

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man are awesome.” In It On It zine

“Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man are fast, hard and drunk, everything i like rolled into one!  Fucking ace!!!” 5/5 Shot in the Foot

“This EP embodies everything I love about split releases, two bands playing exciting and enjoyable songs, without overlapping musically, or clashing at all for that matter. Revenge of the Psychotronic Man’ play old school sounding punk with a distinctly modern edge, rather like if the Ramones had listened to Kid Dynamite in their youth, and not the other way round.
They have managed to write four catchy and enjoyable songs without compromising any of the power and aggression that you’d find on any strict hardcore record. This is a very enjoyable piece of music, which I would happily recommend to fans of None More Black or The Steal.
On the whole, this split has been on repeat since I received it, and I eagerly await future releases from both bands. Highly recommended.” Last Hours

“An excellent CD from 2 great bands from Manchester” Mild Peril

“I could see both these bands on Household Name Records – and both being capable of holding its own.” Scanner webzine (NZ)